There are a significant number of art galleries throughout Canada. Most are open to the public. Some individuals prefer to visit these on their own time. Others would like to have a guided tour.

Canadian Innovation with Art

The art industry is an important one in Canada. That is why it is so necessary to draw as much attention to it as possible. There are many ways they do this. For example, one art gallery that was in the midst of a move turned this experience into an art event.

Government Involvement

The Canadian government recognizes the importance of the art industry for the country. One of the many varied ways in which the government stays involved is with the release of details that are comprised of general information or the different types of grants that the government may have in place for the art industry.

Visiting Art Galleries

Not every art gallery in Canada has guided tours. This is because most often, the galleries are small. They have dedicated staff on hand to conduct a tour if necessary. More often than not, these individuals are on site to answer any questions, and to promote the sales of the artwork on display. If you are visiting Canada, and are interested in visiting art galleries, then using your phone to navigate is a great resource.

Art Gallery of Ontario

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) is an impressive gallery to visit. Rather than just roaming around the gallery yourself, there are AGO tours which can be arranged. They last for about 45 to 60 minutes, and they cover all the essential aspects of what the gallery has to offer. These tours are conducted by volunteers, so they may not always be available. Visitors should check their website to confirm the tour schedules.

Art Tours

Another great way of seeing some of the art on display in Canada is to join in on some of the scheduled art tours and walks. Some of these are annual events. Others are sponsored by art studios and are periodical. Some examples are:

  • Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography
  • Inroads Studio Tour
  • Highlands East Arts and Crafts Tour

Group Tours

Another way to really enjoy art in different parts of Canada is to arrange for group tours. These can be the most interesting. Some of them even include some hands-on activities. A good place to enjoy this type of tour is at the Art Gallery of Windsor. This gallery works hand in hand with the Alzheimer Society for their region. Part of the tour of the gallery will include support for Alzheimer’s patients and those who provide them with care.

Enjoying Art

Aside from tours, another way to enjoy some of the beautiful artwork that is part of Canada is by attending art events. An excellent example of this is the Art in the Park event, which takes place in Petrolia.

There are many different ways to enjoy art displays in Canada. If one is hiring a private tourist guide, then they may want to include a few art gallery tours as part of the roster. In addition to this, for those visiting, it is a good idea to check out what tours are available beforehand. That way, time can be slotted into the itinerary for this activity.