Canada is very proud of its artists, and the many art galleries which there are, in the different provinces throughout the country.

Art Displays

While there are many different art galleries to be enjoyed, there are many other opportunities to appreciate art in Canada. A good example of this is with the many different types of businesses which proudly display collections of art at their premises. Even some of the financial institutions take great pride in supporting different forms of art.

Advancements in Art

There are many prominent Canadian artists, but there are also other artists from different parts of the world who have made some exciting contributions in art. Some of these works depict the advancements which have been made that are comprised of both talent and technology.

Canadian Artists

It is indicated by the number of Canadian art pieces that there are many talented Canadian artists. Some have become famous, while others not quite as much so. However, there is a good market for art in Canada. Many resources work diligently at bringing artists and collectors together. Not only do artists have to produce wonderful works of art, but they also have to know how to market it as well. The success of the creators of today will have a direct effect on the next generation of artists because many of today’s talents are mentors for artists of the future.

One of the exciting aspects of Canadian artists is the diversity of their art pieces. This can range from contemporary art to folk art and everything in between. Some of the types of art which can be found in Canada are:

  • Conceptual art
  • Contemporary art
  • Body art
  • Environmental art

Art Galleries

Both visitors and residents of Canada will be the first to say that there is no shortage of very prominent and prestigious art galleries throughout the country. For those who really want to appreciate Canadian art, then they will want to check out the Canadian collection at the AGO. While the collection is comprised of many different pieces of Canadian art, a great deal of emphasis has been put on the pieces which revolve around Toronto and Ontario. Some of the art pieces that can be found in this collection are:

  • Scene in the Northwest
  • Cows on the Hillside (although officially untitled)
  • Above Lake Superior
  • Floraisson Massive
  • Time Machine Series

These are the proud works of a variety of Canadian artists. Besides these, there are many others to be enjoyed.

Weird and Wonderful Art

Not all art is what the enthusiast might expect. At the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto, there is an art display which is most fitting to be classed as unusual. Here, the artists have focused on the perception of art and the expectations that are placed on it. Eight artists contribute to this display. It is the type of exhibition, where people who have no interest in art, come away talking about it.

Even those who have no real interest in art find the time they spend at any one of the art galleries in Toronto to be an enjoyable experience. They cannot help but be drawn into the different works of art which they may be exposed to. It is well worth taking the time visit at least a few of these art galleries when the opportunity arises.