When it comes to art in Canada, much of what is present has been provided by Canadian artists themselves. Several could be considered famous, and many who could be included in a top five list. Some will disagree as to how the top five should be.

The Perception of Art

Everyone has their own perception of art. For some, it is what nature has to offer, and many artists will begin to build their creativity from that which the environment has provided them with. Many Canadian artists have created a name for themselves by capturing some of the beauty which they have come across in natural settings.


Often, recognition of artist builds according to the prices they can get for their works of art. Then, others are rising in popularity because of where their artwork is exhibited. A prime example of this is the Ottawan artist who is being honored by having one of his paintings stand alongside Rembrants.

Five Most Costly Pieces of Canadian Art

Many pieces of art are displayed in Canada. Some forms of artworks can be seen in many casinos, along with many other places throughout the country. To categorize the art by its importance, it is worth looking at the most expensive pieces which have been sold. The following list is comprised of Canadian artwork that was sold at auctions.

  • Lawren Harris

A painter born in Brantford, Ontario and is recognized as being a member of the Group of Seven. He was actually born in 1885 and lived to 1970. His painting Mountain Forms sold in 2016. The amount it sold for was $11.2 million. Then, another one of his paintings called Mountain and Glacier sold for $3.9 million.

  • Jean-Paul Riopelle

This Canadian artist was born in 1923 in Quebec. He truly made Canada stand out in the world of art, as he gained international recognition for his artwork. His painting Vent du Nord sold at auction for $7.4 million.

  • Paul Kane

While not born in Canada, Paul was recognized as a Canadian painter. His lifespan was from 1810 to 1871. His fame was enhanced with his painting of the First Nations people. His painting, the Portrait of John Henry Lefroy sold for $5.1 million.

  • Jeff Wall

Jeff’s contribution to Canadian art was best recognized with his photography works. One of his most notable pieces was Dead Troops Talk which was auctioned off for $3.6 million.

Five Highly Recognized Canadian Artists

Canada has a long list of very renowned artists. Those who deserve to be in the top five for recognition, and not necessarily for the price their paintings brings, are:

  • Emily Carr
  • Shary Boyle
  • Agnes Martin
  • Bill Reid
  • Janet Cardiff

There are plenty of more very talented Canadian artists.