Welcome to the website which has placed all of its focus on Canadian art and the galleries that support it. There is a lot to discover here. Even those who as yet have no real interest in art, are going to find the content here to be most interesting. If so, then part of the reason for this website has been accomplished. This site intends to generate new interest in art in its many forms. Not everyone is going to like one specific type of art. Choosing to visit art galleries that cater to different kinds of techniques is one way of determining what will pique one’s interest. This site touches upon many interesting topics within the art industry.

The Galleries

Canada has many different ways of showcasing art. One of the most common and popular is any of the art galleries which can be found in Canada. To start our readers out correctly, we have created a post that highlights the top ten Canadian art galleries. For those who want a short list to refer to quickly for Canadian art galleries, then this is it. However, do keep in mind that there are a lot more than ten galleries to enjoy in Canada. This is a great starting point for those who want to explore fine art in Canada.

Guided Tours

Not everyone wants to just wander through an art gallery. Some prefer a guided tour. In Canada, there are plenty of opportunities for this type of experience. The post here will talk about some of the different available tours. It will also touch upon some of the other options which are available for being able to enjoy art displays in Canada.

Canada’s Artists and Galleries

This post is an overview of the art world in Canada. It touches upon a variety of topics related to art in Canada. It helps to create a greater understanding of how much importance Canada puts on its artists, and makes great efforts to provide resources for displaying their pieces, which is the role that many of the art galleries fill.

Well-Known Canadian Artists

Canada has many well-known artists. They are renowned for their talents in a variety of different types of art. There is a post here which outlines the five who are considered to be the most famous, but there are many others. It is a post that will help those viewing art in Canada to look for some of the works created by these artists.

The Importance of Art Galleries

One of the primary purposes of this site is to bring attention to the importance of art galleries. Of course, without the many talented Canadian artists, these would not exist. They are, however, an essential resource for the artists themselves. Artists need to rely on as many ways as possible to display their art. At the same time, it undoubtedly has to be done in a secure setting. Some of the pieces of art are worth a great deal of money. Not all pieces which are showcased in an art gallery are for sale. Some are just an exhibit of what the artist is capable of. It can create interest in future pieces that the artist may create.

The Economy

Art galleries also play an essential role in the economy. A country such as Canada which has many art galleries can use this as a tourist attraction. It is also a way of generating new businesses. The more artists who are producing exceptional work opens the doors for new art galleries to be established. However, some artists themselves will invest in their own private art galleries.